Review and Renewal


“We will achieve the vision by 2040, with an appropriate implementation plan and review of its progress.”

Highlighting Individual Actions

By the end of 2023, each economy will have voluntarily showcased a number of their individual actions based on the options in this Aotearoa Plan of Action. Individual economies are encouraged to keep their progress on actions up-to-date and inform APEC, via the appropriate Committee, of progress every second year. APEC fora may hold discussions on these as necessary. At the time of their progress reports, economies may also add new actions and remove existing actions as appropriate.

Evaluating progress

With assistance from the PSU, APEC economies will evaluate progress towards achieving the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040. Committees will work with the PSU to identify relevant indicators that will support this evaluation. Progress will be reported by Committees every two years through existing reporting processes. Senior Officials will also report progress on areas for continuous improvement to the APEC Ministers’ Meeting every two years.

Five-year review of collective actions

To ensure the Aotearoa Plan of Action is a “living document” and remains relevant, APEC will review the collective actions and continuous improvement actions every five years, in 2026, 2031 and 2036. Collective actions will be measured in terms of APEC’s progress as a whole. Existing collective actions may be renewed, revised or removed. New collective actions may be added. The collective actions for the following five-year period will be recommended to the APEC Ministerial Meeting for approval.

Mid-term review of progress and individual actions

In conjunction with the 2031 review of Collective Actions, APEC will also review the individual actions, and how we evaluate our progress towards achieving all elements of the Vision.

Fora and sub-fora terms of reference

APEC fora and sub-fora will make provision for implementing the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040, including through this Aotearoa Plan of Action, in their terms of reference, work plans and strategic plans.



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