Continuous improvement of APEC as an institution


“To maintain APEC’s unique position as the premier forum for regional economic cooperation as well as a modern, efficient and effective incubator of ideas, we will embrace continuous improvement of APEC as an institution through good governance and stakeholder engagements.”

Consistent with our objectives to embrace continuous improvement of APEC as an institution, and to address key challenges related to good governance and stakeholder engagements, APEC will:

  • Improve its governance and organisational structure, with a view to efficiently and effectively delivering upon all elements of the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040;
  • Ensure the sustainability of the staffing and resourcing of the APEC Secretariat and Policy Support Unit (PSU), while ensuring that the institution remains financially prudent;
  • Explore ways to discuss the possibility of expanding APEC members and observers;
  • Deepen engagement with ABAC and the private sector, as well as PECC, PIF, ASEAN, and other international and regional organisations;
  • Promote engagement with a broader range of economic stakeholders, such as NGOs and civil society, to reflect the breadth of the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040;
  • Review and update APEC’s relationship with the APEC Study Centre Consortium;
  • Continuously improve the communication of APEC’s work to the broader public; and
  • Consider how to better make use of digital technologies for participation in APEC. 


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